{Freebie} Oompa Loompa doompety doo we have a little freebie for you!

Several years ago we had a very casual REAL party for our son and Wonka was the theme. One of our favorite movies of all time. Not a super styled party...just good old fashioned fun at home. How time flies...this party feels like forever and a day ago! We used our Wonka invitations for the party (back then 2009 when we first designed our wonka wrappers...there were none to be found. We were the first to have a wonka wrapper in the form of an invitation on etsy! ). For the party we created silly Caution signs to place in areas of the party zone...that we did not want children to enter (off limit areas like Mom's bedroom, the garage etc). They worked like a charm! The sign would also make a fun framed party prop. We thought it would be fun to share the sign with you! Follow to the bottom for the freebie.

Banner from Catch my party - Our little man many moons ago!

One of our clients generously shared some amazing images of a Wonka play performed by her daughter (cast as a Oompa Loompa) and the rest of the Racine Theatre Guild. Can you believe this play?! We were honored to create wonka invitations for Dawn's after play party two years in a row. Thank you Dawn for sharing!

Frankie Oompa Loompa and friends. :) How awesome are these costumes?!

But it's repulsive, revolting and wrong Chewing and chewing all day long
....The .   way  .. that... a.... cow... does....

There's no earthly way of knowing... Which direction we are going... There's no knowing where we're rowing... Or which way the river's flowing...


To get your original wonka wrappers and tickets as seen below for your own party or event Click here. We have done these wrappers for weddings, parties, showers and even marriage proposals! We have a large collection of original wonka inspired designs in our shop. Including a Serendipity Soiree original fizzy lifting drink label design.

THE FREEBIE: Caution...only authorized Oompa LOompa allowed beyond this point...

Our sign was designed to print on 8.5x11 inch card stock. They are best printed on heavy card stock 100lb+ on the highest quality setting. You can still print them on paper if you desire. Perfect for framing or placing on doorways etc.
If printing at home: Be sure to print on your printers highest quality setting. Use heavy bright white card stock. If possible use a paper cutter, a sharp pair of scissors and steady hand will also work.

If printing at a copy centre: Ask to have printed on full color on heavy card stock from 100lb-110lb or to render commercial results. (Kinkos, UPS Store and staples etc) offer very reasonable rates.
Sometimes cheaper than your printer can create. They can also laser cut for a nominal fee.

Copyright: For personal use only. Catherine Joy and Serendipity Soiree retain all rights to our layout, text and custom illustrated graphics. Please feel free to share on other blogs etc...with a link back to this post. Thank you. Enjoy. :) This sign was inspired by the story Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We are in no way affiliated with wonka. Our image is a digital rendition/parody created by us from scratch. 


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