What a fun treat to serve at your next shindig! Kids will "oh and ah" when the cotton candy magically transforms into bubbly sweet drinks. I promise you it will keep them occupied for at least an hour. ;) "Let's do it again"!

Kids could mix it up as a magic trick at a magic party "abracadabra" and it would make perfect polyjuice at a Harry Potter Party. This drink would also make the sweetest and prettiest sweet drink at a Pink Fairy Party, Eloise or Princess affair. You don't have to stop at pink strawberry flavored cotton candy either. Pull out your mad mixology skills and try blue, yellow and purple candy!


- Enough cotton candy to fill a serving glass.
- Cotton Candy of Choice
- 33 cl (11,2 oz) of PERRIER

- Put the cotton candy directly in the serving glass (14.9 oz)
- Pour the PERRIER on top and watch the magic happen!
- The cotton candy melts, the PERRIER turns pink and the soft sweet flavor spreads through the bubbles.

If you use this fun treat we would love to hear about it!