{Invitation Collections} Sweet Vintage Rose Baptism

This is a sweet custom design request from one of my fabulous clients for their sweet little girl's baptism named "Rosie". :) This request reminded me of Romeo and Juliet immediately.

The misadventures of Frost the Elf - Intruder Alert!

Elf Log November 26th - Day 2 - The locals are crazy around here! I was ambushed by a band of misfits! Crime scene in session and the police had to come to contain the riot! I sure hope we get along tonight! In the meantime...I hope Santa rescues me from this gag and bond! signed Frost Elf...(giggle)

 Who sent you and Why are you here?! Police are on the scene. ;)

Say Hello to our little Elf friend!

Meet "Frost" our new little Elf friend. I wanted to introduce this tradition a year ago when I saw all of the fun elf images floating about the Internet! We finally decided to hop on the bandwagon!

Hello Friends + a new color palette

Firstly...A big shout out to all of our new friends at at the blog and via our other social media outlets! So glad to have you here!