{Parties} A Velveteen Rabbit Brunch

This Year for our Easter brunch...

{Parties} Vintage Truck/Ice Cream party

Thrilled to have our Vintage Truck/Ice cream party featured on Amy Atlas Events Yesterday! Thank you Amy and Lisa!

{Practice Serendipity} See the signs

Sometimes we are too busy in life to see the signs...




The winner of "Sweet Designs" by Amy Atlas is:
(via random.org)

Susan C

email us at serendipitysoiree@gmail.com to claim your prize. :)

Firstly...this is how I spent the better part of my day yesterday! Camped out on my sofa with an imaginary Eloise "Do Not Disturb Sign" tied around my neck! Why you ask?! Because after months of waiting the day had finally come "SWEET DESIGNS" by Amy Atlas was finally in my possession! I was lucky to get it a tad early too. ;) You should note...I rarely share pictures of myself...I like to be behind the camera! But Amy's post yesterday asking for everyone to share pics of them with the book...gave me this idea. :) Always inspiring she is. ;)

{Business Collections} NEW Square Business Cards/Calling Cards

New to the Shop! If your business ideas are out of the box...then your business cards should be too!...

{Party Props} Guess our party theme + Giveaway!

This contest is closed!


Delia Rivera...you are the winner of our Tori Spelling CelebraTORI Book Giveaway + Guess our theme! via random.org.
Our theme is Cat in the Hat...and the chair may end up in our photobooth...but this super cute chair pictured will be used on our dessert table as our Cake stand! Along with the beautiful candy stripe runner pictured from A To Zebra Celebrations.

Shoot us an email @ serendipitysoiree@gmail.com to obtain your prize. :)

Can anyone guess what theme these props are for? Or what this gorgeous antique distressed chair prop will be used for?

Whoever takes a guess will have their name entered to win...wait for it...

{Fab Finds} Slate + Chalk Place Cards

We are loving these Slate + Chalk place cards from Vance Kitira. They are perfect for dessert and buffet tables. Label your dessert & buffet items, write names for place cards, messages or fun sentiments. We think this would be fabulous at a holiday party or cheese and wine table.

{Invitation Collections} Man vs Wild

We had a wild custom request last week!

{Recipes} IHOP Pancakes Recipe!


We LOVE the IHOP...

{Invitation Collections} Classic Truck

Available in our shop here!

This invitation is one of our favorites on a personal level. I designed this for Mr. Joy for his birthday celebration... which just  so happens to be today. :) This year for his birthday he is fulfilling a long time dream of restoring a classic auto. We were going to purchase a Shelby fastback mustang to redo, but they are rare! So we combed the classified ads...and a 1950 Ford just spoke to us. We immediately called up the owner and went to rescue her. It will likely take a couple years to complete, but his intentions are to make it a custom mod (hot rod style) as opposed to a restore. It is for us... the ultimate DIY project. So for all of you car lovers, be sure to stick around and see what we do with her. I am sure it will be featured in a party or photo shoot...or two. :)

Happy Birthday Mr. Joy!

{Happy Things} Rainbows

{Practice Serendipity} Dance...

{Invitation Collections} Surf's UP Beach Bash!

Grab your Board and Catch a Wave for a Beach Bash! Set the tone for your next Surfer, Beach, Pool or Swimming party with this adorable vintage inspired Surf's Up Invitation. Perfect for birthday's and get togethers.

Available in Red or Blue.....


We are very excited to welcome you to the NEW SERENDIPITY SOIREE blog.....