{Invitation Collections} The Parisian Poodle Collection

The Parisian Poodle Luxury Collection.

{Trend Alert} Wedding Trends - Say Cheese!

We adore a super cute photo booth!

{Practice Serendipity} Just BE Yourself...

{Business Tips} Spelling is NOT universal...

In the party world....we often forget that people of different countries spell words quite differently. We encounter this on a daily basis when customizing designs for clients. What one country deems wrong, another deems right. Grammar is also this way...but that is a whole different post! Most of our clients are American...although we were born and raised in a British/Canadian spelling state of mind. Many times you will see us spell words in the American way when it comes to words like Honor/Honour, we became tired of being told we were spelling things wrong....when technically we were not. ;)  We will NEVER get use to the word customising...we simply use customizing. :) So if you have never thought about it...it can be very daunting.

{Fashion} We interrupt this weeks wedding trends....

We interrupt this weeks wedding trends....to bring you....what I am currently obsessing over! No it is not stripy straws...BUT...Close! ;)

{Trend Alert} Wedding Sentiments from the "SOLE"

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something BLUE!

{Trend Alert} Trending in Weddings 2012 - A NIFTY Guide to save

We are talking Wedding trends this week!

First up, we decided to share this lovely and nifty little guide! 2012 Wedding Trends To Watch. From Venues to the Cake...fantastic tips by the numbers.

We already know that weddings have taken a shift to the more personal and intimate. Home Grown and DIY is on the rise & shows no signs of stopping! Hot right now - Rustic and Vintage. We are loving it...as you know we are all about Vintage.

Right Click and Save this handy dandy list from our friends over at Invitations by Dawn ( compiled with help from the Knot and The wedding report).

{Practice Serendipity} You're Never fully dressed without a SMILE!

Your clothes may be Beau Brummelly
They stand out a mile --
But Brother,
You're never fully dressed
Without a smile!

Who cares what they're wearing
On Main Street,
Or Saville Row,
It's what you wear from ear to ear
And not from head to toe
(Thaaaaaaat ma.....ha. ha.. terssssss)

We will never forget...

11 years ago today...on the 11th day of September...I sat at my desk speechless as the tragic events unfolded in our favorite city . Compelled to pay our respects to countless innocents...we travelled 500miles in the aftermath (you can read about it here). We will never forget.

{Fashion Files} The Perfect Fall outfit!

A Lovely Fall outfit for romping through the the leaves with or picking pumpkins in the patch. This would make a beautiful outfit for family portraits. Gorgeous wool blend plaid jacket and burnt orange top. Loving the adorable booties & of course I live in distressed jeans.