We are very excited to welcome you to the NEW SERENDIPITY SOIREE blog.....

Although I have been designing and working in this business for many years (or what seems like forever!), I ventured out on my own to start this little blog and etsy shop with the support of Team "Joy" (my little family).  In my wildest dreams I could never have imagined how it would take off...or that I would be where I am in such a short time. We are so thankful to all who have supported us so far on this journey. It truly means the world. 

I felt the time had come late last year to have a much cleaner, functional and fun blog to match our name and personality. We love bright and happy colors, you know...rainbow and lollipop kinda colors. After all you can not go through life with a last name like "JOY" and not be bright, colorful and HAPPY :) Our new look incorporates colors we love, things we love... like polka dots and stripes (just like some of our favorite party straws and party bags from shopsweet lulu and hey yo yo). 

We have added some new features to our blog! Serendipity Soiree will now be taking PARTY and DIY submissions + Advertising spots. The blog will continue to evolve over the coming months with lots of new content. We are also creating a brand new site to go along with this blog. Be sure to watch for it's launch later this year. 

We have so much happening this year...so much excitement, new ventures and plans with some amazingly talented people. Lots of new parties and new paper collections. We are not sharing everything just yet...but it is safe to say Serendipity Soiree is growing!

I would like to give a special shout out to Carolyn V Designs for collaborating with me to create our new face...and for having patience with me on several accounts, when blogger was making me pull my hair out...about ready to switch to wordpress (LOL). This was a first for Carolyn working with a web developer + designer who had their own design vision and wanted full control over the end result of the design she would migrate to blogger for us. I develop and program websites in pure HTML, asp and blogger is where I have no patience due to templates. So that's where Carolyn came in...and boy she is amazing. Usually her clients just come and ask for her to design the whole thing, implement and update end of story. It was an interesting journey to say the least! Between the both of us we came up with this site. Thank you so much Carolyn! We hope that I did not give you any grey hairs! :) Seriously...Carolyn is amazing to work with and has a long list of wonderful clients who many of you will immediately recognize!

We hope you enjoy the new site! We have so much to share...so be sure to stick around!


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