{Parties} Vintage Truck/Ice Cream party

Thrilled to have our Vintage Truck/Ice cream party featured on Amy Atlas Events Yesterday! Thank you Amy and Lisa!

The party as told by Amy + Lisa:

Catherine from Serendipity Soiree styled this vintage truck dessert table for her son and husband who have birthdays just three days apart. Since ice cream is a treat that can span the generation gap, Catherine mixed a vintage truck theme with an ice cream float bar for her “men.”  She kept both the party and the dessert table small. You don’t have to create a huge table to make a GIANT statement. We love the  blue, orange and brown color palette. Chalkboard tags are fantastic and Catherine used hers to name the sweets, but feel free to use them as name cards as well. Catherine also added burlap fabric and vintage props on the table to give the table more texture and interest. Sweet treats on the dessert table included vanilla buttercream cake, cupcakes, and a sundae/root beer & orange float bar. After filling their bellies with ice cream, guests took home chocolate mustaches, custom chocolate bars, and old fashioned lollipops. Great job!

Our "Little Man" turns 8! Happy Birthday Carter and Mr. Joy!

Inspiration for the party came from Mr. Joy's Vintage truck project with our Little Man Carter. Also, Ice cream parties seem to be everywhere...BUT...you never see them for Boy's. They are always pink and blue....but never in a masculine color scheme. We wanted to show everyone that an Ice Cream party can be all boy and still be pretty. Also, we have not seen alot of Float Bars around, so we wanted to add this concept to our ice cream bar. Our two children LOVE their Mom making them floats! We decided on Orange soda and root beer, as you may have guessed why...the colors matched our color scheme.

We selected an Orange, Blue and Brown Color scheme, and brought in a mix of fabrics to sprinkle throughout the table and use in the Crafts you see in the party. We love to use fabric as cupcake toppers...it adds to the rustic feel. We added some pretty touches by incorporating fabric rosettes on the cake and tissue poms. We had never seen poms made from burlap, so we added those to give it more "pretty" masculine flair. 

We wanted to achieve a vintage and rustic look, as the truck we rescued from a barn and it is a 1950. We added Vintage soda crates and sugar crates, Tin Toolboxes, and burlap.  We incorporated a little Man theme into our party, as we call our son "little Man". That made us think of Mustaches (Chocolate Mustache pop props did the trick + doubled as favors)! We did a collection for a client for a Mustache and Bowtie bash awhile back. So, we designed some similar items for this party and added on the theme. All paperie you see will be in our shop in the next week. (Mustache bash Collection, Barbershop, All vintage truck, and our Ice cream Collection).

This was a small party for Mr. Joy & our Son Carter + his close friends. :) We always do a small shindig on his "REAL" Birthday. Then we have a large party for his classmates. This year we selected a nascar theme, but the Kart track would not allow the smaller children to race on the big track. So we decided to scratch the entire idea. He was a bit crushed, as we love Nascar. But while in California, inspiration abounded at Disneyland...and now we have a NEW theme! We are hosting a large party for him when school gets out for summer...so stay tuned...it is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!

Party Styling: Serendipity Soiree
Photography by: Oh Hello Joy for Serendipity Soiree
Desserts, Decor: Serendipity Soiree
Invitations & Paperie: Serendipity Soiree etsy store


Jessi said...

So cute! Where did you find the vintage soda crates, sugar crates, and tin toolboxes? Thanks!

Catherine Joy said...

Thank you. :) All of the items came from a salvage decor shop. The tin toolboxes came from there as well....but were a new item. They were made by a local artisan who supplies them to boutique antique shops. Many antique stores and antique meet ups have the sugar crates and soda crates...even yardsales...if you strike the right ones. We have many of the crates...they are a little addictive once you begin to collect them. :)

anissa bell said...
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Lynn White said...

Hi Catherine need your help!!! my niece wants to use this theme for her baby shower, I have searched for days looking for a picture of the old blue truck shown as cupcake topper (bottom Left) if there is anything you can do it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lynn

Catherine Jane said...

Hi Lynn. You can place an order via serendipitysoiree@gmail.com just let us know What you would like. Thanks

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