{Travel Diaries} A visit to Georgetown Cupcakes - Washington, DC "aka" DC Cupcakes

On a recent trip to Washington...we visited the upscale neighbourhood of Georgetown. We had the pleasure of visiting the flagship store of Georgetown cupcakes.  YOU SEE...I have this HUGE bucket list that includes a million things (I think?) LOL...and clearly on that list... I am on a crusade to find the most yummiest....perfect cupcakes around the globe...I will be the first one to admit...this is definitely by far the yummiest crusade I have ever taken on. :) We LOVE Sprinkles Cupcakes as well...I was on a mission to see how Georgetown cupcakes stacked up to sprinkles....you can see our visit to sprinkles flagship store in Beverly hills here.

We love the TLC hit DC Cupcakes with sisters Katherine and Sophie who run the iconic bakery just outside of Washington DC - Georgetown Cupcakes. I knew I had to visit. We have been to Washington, DC before...but did not get the chance to visit this wildly popular bakery. On this visit...we made it a point to get the chance.

It is always surreal walking up to these stores after watching them on TV. This one in particular...as I admire these sisters and the massive sculptures they create with cupcakes.

Walking up to this store...I was surprised at how much smaller the store actually is in person...compared to how big it looks on Television. It was very busy there that evening....it reminded me of an episode of hells kitchen! The towers of cupcakes appeared perfect and a visual treat for my eyes! My son accompanied me on the walk...everyone else...too tired to come...REALLY?! They stayed in the car...parked outside of none other than...Sprinkles! I felt bad not grabbing sprinkles...we meant to go (but had no time with Georgetown cupcakes closing early) and it was all about the Georgetown cupcake on this visit. I love their branding here as well...the cream wood and pink + black brings you to france. :)

We selected several flavors...and could not wait to get back to our Hotel in DC (directly behind the white house...yep that never gets old saying that. LOL). We were a little disappointed that there were no bamboo custom stamped forks etc...talk about spoiled hey?...another thing I love about Sprinkles. :)

 Such pretty little cupcakes.

Images of the girls with Oprah on the walls. I think I would die if I ever were able to meet Oprah!

We were very careful of our cupcakes on the ride back...but when we arrived in the room...all of the cupcakes were sideways and everywhere. If I had one major complaint about this cupcakery it would be the packaging. There is just too much spacing around the cupcakes...and they shift. So the tasting experiencing for all of us got...not so pleasant...they were no longer pretty...and some of the flavors were messed up. We were unsure what was what. That is another thing I love about Sprinkles...the dots...they give hints to the flavors...and they have the packaging factor nailed!

The cupcakes were moist...and very flavorful...I did not really have a favorite here....if I had to pick... I did like the coconut...it was super sweet...but very moist and yummy. I found some of them beyond too sweet for even me though. All in all they were really good. The cupcakes are not huge...just a standard cupcake....which is great if you just want a treat.. Sprinkles is the winner with me if there ever was a showdown...huge and heavy moist cupcakes...and just full of homemade tasting goodness. I mean you can make a meal out of a Sprinkles cupcake!

SPRINKLES! Just a hop skip and a jump down the road from Georgetown cupcakes.

After our half mushed cupcake episode (our trips always come with funny and interesting stories) We left the cupcakes in the box during the night at the hotel...when we woke up...someone else liked the cupcakes! There was a trail from one part of the room to the box...and when we opened it...covered with ants! This hotel was a upscale hotel with a iconic name...and part of the Hilton brand...we were so surprised with the ants. We have had two bad experiences with this chain recently in their upscale hotel brand in the 4.5-5 star range. Here...and once in Florida this past summer. This totally threw us for a loop....it is rare. It leaves me thinking the Hilton's are letting their brand slide...hopefully they are reading this and getting the hint. LOL. Needless to say...we got a discount after leaving (thankfully this happened upon our departure)...I just find that totally unacceptable. Being part of the travel/airline industry you get this way...with the amount of travel we do...and especially many times testing out new 5 star hotels for companies like RIU  etc....our valet parking ended up being on the house for the entire stay. ;)

on the left...the best saved cupcake we could take a picture of...and to the right (if you do not like little critters cover your eyes!!! LOL...our morning visitors...can you believe it?! You do not want to see what it looked like inside...well...an ant has to eat too right?! LOL...all creatures great and small!

All in all...I would definitely visit the bakery again (the hotel...probably never). Even though some parts of that night were a write off...we had many laughs and that is the main thing...if trips were perfect...they would not be interesting and we would have NO stories to tell! LOL. I think I would have to try more flavors if we visit Georgetown cupcakes again. We felt this bakery did not get a fair go...with the cupcakes falling over each other in transit.  Gingerbread was not on the menu...which we always make at home (see here for recipe and our cupcake version) from the girls "cupcake diaries book"...I really wanted to taste it from the bakery...compared to the at home recipe. They do pride themselves on using the best ingredients...so I am guessing they would taste different. I wonder what famous bakery we visit next.....until then. ;)


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