Hello Friends + a new color palette

Firstly...A big shout out to all of our new friends at at the blog and via our other social media outlets! So glad to have you here!

Some of you have probably noticed a small change on the blog...a new softer color palette. A big thank you to Carolyn...our blog guru(you can find her link at the bottom of our blog) for tweaking our blog!

We have been so busy with our new ventures and keeping up with design demands and the shop...we have hardly had time to blog. We have tons of content we would love to share...but it seems there are not enough hours in the day! We have decided to put a few planned posts and a few giveaways off until the new year, until things are a little less crazy. Christmas season is a crazy time as it is! Right now...like many I am trying to swing Christmas season, business and family life. Right now...family is taking top priority. We will be on the move in the next few weeks travelling etc and making memories. :)

We will be randomly posting some fun items...like our new elf on the shelf...who you will be meeting soon enough! He is getting into some pretty serious sticky situations already! LOL!
Until then!


Latisha Horton said...

Enjoy the holidays Catherine... I hope you and your family have a very blessed rest of the year : )

Catherine Joy said...

Thank you SO much Latisha! The very same to you and your family. :)

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