{Practice Serendipity} You're Never fully dressed without a SMILE!

Your clothes may be Beau Brummelly
They stand out a mile --
But Brother,
You're never fully dressed
Without a smile!

Who cares what they're wearing
On Main Street,
Or Saville Row,
It's what you wear from ear to ear
And not from head to toe
(Thaaaaaaat ma.....ha. ha.. terssssss)

We know these lyrics! In fact... they have been playing for over a year at our house and in my mind since I first watched the iconic "Annie" sing them in the early 80's! As we get set to present you with our "ANNIE Party"....{we are sharing it to everyone... at the right moment} While listening to this adorable and catchy tune....It leaves one to ponder about the power of a Smile and the reason it is so important to just...

Keep Smiling
  • If you can’t give anything else, at least give a smile. When you meet someone, greet him with a smile.
  • Every child’s beauty can be found in her smile. Every flower’s beauty is in its smile. Your beauty, too, is in your smile.
  • Leave home with a smile and when you return home, do so with a smile. This will remove all bad feelings and happiness will be the only thing able to enter.
  • A smiling face is a postive face...Positive thoughts bring about motivation and good energy
  • Enter your workplace with a smile. When you eat a meal, look at it with a smile.
  • A smiling face appeals to everyone. God, too, likes to see us smiling.
  • A person who sports a genuine smile seldom feels angry or jealous and does not hurt others.
  • A smile brings peace to you and everyone around you
  • Try to smile in the worst situations too; think that there might be some good in it, Those who smile, make others smile as well.
  • A smiling face adds a glow to the personality.
  • If you want to make your life better, decide to smile and stay happy.
  • A smile is momentary, but it leaves a lifetime impression. So smile at others and receive smiles from others. The one who gives, does not lose anything but gains a whole lot.
  • Smile...you might make someones day or save someones day...
  • Smile...Try it! You never know what Serendipitous things may happen!
You're never fully dressed
You're never dressed
Without a....S.M.I.L.E



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