{Travel Diaries} Sprinkles Cupcakes - Beverly Hills

On a recent trip to LA...one of our first stops Beverly Hills....Sprinkles Cupcakes flagship store!

This was our FIRST time visiting sprinkles! We are not as lucky as our Cali friends to have this delish cupcakery close by! I have to say...nothing prepared me for the yummy that I would sink my teeth into...it was everything I thought it would be and more!

We visited early...there were no huge lines when we arrived...I bet that changed in the afternoon. We were happy for no wait times... Although we could have always used the ATM!! Yes it is real...and seriously cool. I wondered to myself.."Do people really get that addicted to Sprinkles cupcakes to need an ATM" UMMM....Let us find out shall we?

Ummm....Hello Cupcake ATM!

Outside Storefront

We eagerly walked up to the shop. Upon entrance it is tiny, just enough space to order and turnaround. I instantly fell in love with the ultra chic and modern + simplistic store front and display. What I totally adored...the order cards...and...the wooden cutlery! I mean that was just as exciting as the cupcakes I was about to eat!

We visited on a Monday...and were happy with the cupcake choices for that day.

We ordered Lemon, Carrot, Coconut and Classic Vanilla. Let us say we recognized the faces that were behind the counter That passed us the adorable sprinkles box. ;) They were so sweet with the kids and handed them some sprinkles stickers to take home. Cupcakes + stickers...Kids dream. :)

Sprinkles  Super Cute Box and stickers

HELLO CUPCAKE!  Gooey Small batch Homemade YUMMY goodness.

Let me tell you...Sprinkles cupcakes HUGE + HEAVY! I mean heavy as in weight! I was surprised by that...but yet they were fluffy! Everything you would expect in a homemade cupcake with the finest ingredients. Total perfection! 

The Lemon tasted like Homemade Lemon Pie, The Carrot equally yummy, The Vanilla...was good, but not my favorite. My favorite ended up being the cupcake Libby decided on...Coconut! It was absolutely mouth watering. Word of warning though...if you have kids...you might want to warn them not to eat the dots on top...unless you want to visit the dentist...they are equal to rocks....pretty rocks. ;)

The kids and I with Sprinkles to go!

We Loved sprinkles and can't wait to visit again while in the LA area! We are heading out to Washington soon and one of our first stops there...will be sprinkles...after we check out the flagship DC Cupcake sisters shop. :) I have to taste their version of coconut. I have their book and have made the cupcakes...but am dying to taste them made with the finest ingredients on the planet. The kind you usually do not stock in your home kitchen. We will share when we find out. ;) To answer if I would get that addicted to these cupcakes to need an ATM...the answer is YES!


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