We are talking Chalk! Chalk boards, menus, markers you name it!

We are talking chalk today!

Amazing Chalk Menu via Style Me Pretty

Chalkboards are an extremely popular element to incorporate into events! It is currently the rage for weddings, showers and even birthday parties.....especially chalkboard Menus!

We adore anything chalkboard and incorporate this into our parties + paperie design + corporate design. Actually our last two parties incorporated some sort of chalkboard. Most recently we used large Chalkboard props post here for a hot air balloon photo booth (pic below), chalkboards incorporated into our paperie + corporate identity and mini chalkboard easels for dessert naming or place cards post here (pic below). We have also used adorable slate chalkboards as dessert labels post here (pic below) and (as seen on Amy Atlas).  We just did a custom paperie line for another party company with a fun chalkboard theme (was in the works early year)...releasing this fall in a popular magazine. :)

Slate Chalkboard Dessert labels or place cards...Love these! real chalk.

From Our Rainbow art party - Mini easels using Brides chalk marker...which became permanent! gah! LOL

In our 3X 3 inch business card designs.

In our Mr. & Mrs. Bunting Freebie Download here! See the whole post here!

What  we are loving most about chalkboard use today...chalkboards paired with gorgeous typography! We see it popping up everywhere! We have seen some gorgeous chalkboard typography on our travels and via the Internet.

Here are some of our favorite chalkboard inspired designs!

Adore + gorgeous frame! Fantastic and real deal informative DIY tutorial for Lettering available here at the Ruffled Blog. For a similar frame get a tutorial here @Wedding Bee, but the marker used...again really does not wipe off after a long period.

Fantastic menu + LOVE the rustic frame and sizing...this makes a statement! via Style Me Pretty.

Gorgeous Chalk typography created with real chalk...the talented artist unknown - found here

Amazing Chalkboard menu at a restaurant via Pinterest

What we have learned over the years using chalk...It is quite frankly messy and dull at times especially if using color chalk. We have seen so many tutorials using chalk and the wetting tips...but it is alot of work. If you are savvy with a pencil...you can be super savvy with chalk...NO printed layouts needed and super time spent drawing and printing up premade designs to copy. What we are loving much more is Chalk Markers! With chalk markers you can do anything! Imagine the possibilities...as an illustrator this excites me to no end! What you will learn about chalk markers very quickly though...they are not created equally! We have used several brands...some claim to be washable...do not believe it. For instance...we tried Brides brand here...and it does not wash off (it does at first but let it sit for a few hours!). The most amazing chalk markers on the market today are Chalk ink brand! They are the copics of chalk markers!

Here are some of our favorite things created with chalk ink...just amazing!! An illustrators dream!

Hello Chalk INK! Holy Moly...an artist after my heart. Our Liberty approves! via the chalk cafe

WOW...now this is chalk art! via the Chalk cafe!

This one just makes me giggle. :) Fantastic! via Chalk cafe - visit there for pages of inspiration.

You can even use Chalk ink to write on Mirrors...here is an idea recently featured on Martha Stewart Weddings. Fabulous...you can use Chalk ink to do this. If we had to use chalk versus chalk ink...chalk ink would win!

Last but not least...a few of our favorite products featuring Chalk...perfect incorporated into your dessert table, tablespace or decor at home:

Chalkboard Jars $10 & $14 - Pier One Imports (one of our favs) You could easily DIY these with chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard Glassware & Carafe - $3 - $10 - Pier One Imports

Chalkboard cheese board - Perfect for a wine and cheese table - tent cards not needed!

Perfect Chalkboard signs...so many possibilities with these....as you can see also from below!!

Super cute save the date! via topamazon100.com

I positively love these lunch boxes! Perfect for back to school! Change the messages each day and your child will love to see what you write! This is also an easy DIY...you can use their current lunch box and use non toxic chalkboard paint to paint the lid. Super easy and cheap. These cuties are found via frecklebox....if you would rather buy them. :)

We hope you have found some of these ideas inspiring! Try Incorporating chalkboards into your next event or home!


Latisha Horton said...

Cute Chalkboard roundup!

Catherine Joy said...

Thank you. :)

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Amazing array of ideas here! And you're right, the typography/callligraphy is really what makes some of these into works of art!

Sweet Georgia Sweet said...

Oooh, love this! I love all the party ideas with chalkboards, but I really like the personal uses....... like the school lunch boxes & the glass canisters!

Catherine Joy said...

@ Bellenza Thank you!

Catherine Joy said...

@Sweet Georgia Sweet. Thank you. Yes I love the lunch boxes...they are so cute. I am doing this DIY for the kiddos this September. :)

Taylor Hellewell said...

I'm glad to see one of mine in the line-up! It's for a deli offering at a store in SLC... :)

thomas said...

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