{Recipes} Maple Pecan Cupcakes

Maple Goodness....

In celebration of Canada Day, we are sharing this yummy Cupcake recipe...with what else?? Maple!

Being born and raised in Canada... I loved my share of real Maple syrup! Maple syrup drizzled over hotcakes, in cupcakes, maple butter spread on toast! Yummy!

Maple syrup is abundant in the north...you will find it at just about any farmer's market, roadside vendor, the local farm and how could I forget...gift shop and airport terminal. If all else fails and you can't find it (which would be almost impossible considering the maple supply)...you can visit a real sugar bush and help make it yourself in the spring!

I won't lie though..."REAL" maple syrup is not cheap these days...you might have to work overtime to buy it. LOL...just kidding.

Many stores carry Pure Maple flavoring. Several places have Pure Maple extract online. Here is one:

Enjoy this lovely recipe. I personally love them with or without pecans. They are also super cute with little fondant  red maple leafs...if you want to pull out master fondant mad skills. ;) OH and Happy Canada Day eh?

Maple Pecan Cupcakes
Spiced maple cupcakes with home-candied pecans and maple cream cheese frosting.

Prep Time
Cook Time
Difficulty Intermediate


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

These sound and look scrumptious!

Catherine Joy said...

They are. :) If you like maple...you will like these. :)

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