{Parties} Hello Rainbow!

We put off a Rainbow art party the first week of July for our Son and Daughter's Grade 1 & Grade 2 classes. We wanted to have a goodbye school and HELLO summer party with lots of fun & Mess making. :)

Whenever my kids and I find a beautiful rainbow after a rainfall....we always exclaim "Hello Rainbow"! This became the inspiration for our party + we love art at our house. I have been painting, drawing and creating since I was old enough to hold a crayon. :)

Follow through to the bottom for all of the Details + Vendors!

Did you catch the line from Pretty Woman?. ;) One of my favorite movies of all time!

 Bringing spray paint to a whole different level! Spray painted Tye dye hats! Look out 1980's! LOL

Creative Chaos! The children creating up a storm! My daughter loves abstract the Picasso way! Take note the use of PURPLE> LOL...plus...she is a new paperglitter fan...as she loves paper crafting. ;)

Some of the boys in their element! At our house you are ALLOWED to color on the walls!! LOL...they had a blast!

At our house you can even color pictures on the table. ;)

The finished life size Paperglitter poster...HELLO RAINBOW!!!


Desserts on the table included a rainbow two tier cake dotted with butter cream icing and a rainbow ruffle cake I made to match the DIY rainbow skirt I crafted. I also made sweet shortbread cookies with hand painted rainbows and Pantone inspired paint chip cookies. :) A painters palette filled with mini vanilla butter cream cupcakes in rainbow paint colors and mini mason jar favors filled with rainbow gumballs and tags from our rainbow art paperie line. Creative juice (gourmet jelly belly soda) washed down the sweets. Two DIY gumball machines and a DIY Hot air balloon were filled with gumballs for sampling. I created a large hand painted sky for the backdrop. Another smaller dessert table featured "Paint chips" for our "starving artists", Creative Juice Mason jars with rainbow stripe straws (kids were able to create their own creative juice with sugar free kool aid in a rainbow of colors), another DIY gumball machine held mini gumball containers.

A large art table featured a canvas for each child set on an easels (kids were encourage to create a rainbow ), kids also got to paint a tote with puffy paint or a ball hat with spray paint. The backdrop for the table included a large poster to color! The children loved coloring the walls. They were each given a slice of rainbow cake from the table centre that was filled with crayons to color the wall! To cool down and wash off...children had fun with rainbow colored water balloons and a Hot Air Balloon Photo booth awaited them outside. It was so much fun!
A huge thank you to Kristy of The Purple Pug for featuring our party on her fabulous blog (here) and for the gorgeous "glitta". Totally honored. :) Love everything Purple Pug...a real, super talented and true original gal who is the sweetest.
A big shout out to another uber talented gal...Linnette of Paperglitter! Her creations are amazing...this gal designs toys for My Little Pony! In fact one of our daughters favorite MLP toys...she worked on! Linnette created the amazing coloring wall and super cute faux cake slices that surprised our guests with crayons inside to color the wall! Thank you so much again...and to all of our vendors who supplied super cute items for our Rainbow Soiree :)
Paperie from this party will be available in our etsy shop soon! Invitations are already available here.

Concept/Styling, Desserts, Backdrop, Paperie and Table skirt - Serendipity Soiree
Hello Rainbow Cake Topper - The Purple Pug
Large Rainbow Coloring Backdrop & Rainbow cake slice containers - Paperglitter
Stripe straws and bags, sprinkles, mini gumball containers - Hey YoYo
Daisy mason Lids - The Papered Nest
Rainbow Cake stands - Homegoods / Homesense
Rainbow Paper fans & Rainbow Poms - Party City


Cameron said...

Amazing party!!! I found this post through a Google search because I'm having a rainbow party for my daughter in October and I want to make a ruffled table skirt like yours. I can't find any posts on tutorials, would you mind telling me how you did yours? I know the basics of sewing ruffles, I'm just mainly wondering what you sewed the ruffles to and how you attached it to the table if it isn't a full tablecloth? If you wouldn't mind telling me I'd really appreciate it! LOVE all the details you did for this party, it's really amazing!

Catherine Joy said...

Hi there! Thank you so very much. :) Believe it or not...this is a NO SEW ruffle table skirt! I wish I had made the tutorial as I went along but did not. My sewing machine broke...and I needed to act fast for this party that was scheduled to happen (my rabbit ate the peddle cord. LOL) Everything was attached to a burlap skirt sized to the table we used...I measured and cut all of the colors (fabrics) and lengths to go around the table (I allowed for double length)...ruffles were attached randomly around the table. I finished it in about 5 hours. With much patience, cutting, pinning and GLUE! :)

Luziana said...

Hello there. My name is Luziana and I am brazilian. It's my daughter and son birthday and I really wanted to prepare a different party for them. Something new and I thought about the theme: Somewhere over the rainbow. Then I was looking for ideas on the internet and I found this post and I have to say that it is exactly what I dreamed about. It was very cool. Awesome!

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