{Featured Parties} Vintage Backyard Movie Soiree

Is it summer yet?! We are dreaming of the warm summer days of lemonade, smores, backyard fires and camp outs.

This backyard movie soiree is just dreamy by Bash Please + Design Sponge and photography by Brandon Kidd. We love the pretty little vintage + rustic details of this beautiful event. The perfect party for young or old. This could easily be adapted for a kid friendly soiree...why should adults get all the fun?! :) Incorporate a child friendly classic movie + vintage toys and you are good to go! The perfect answer to an at home drive-in movie!

Things we love:

Grab a Sheet - Take a Seat....how cute is that?! Other options, Old quilts, coordinated fabric cushions, camp mats for a camp party.

Vintage Props - If you have been reading this blog you probably know we love vintage and retro...the use of props here...in love. We love old crates of any sort, old quilts, soda bottles. Swoon! They are so versatile.

A Popcorn bar - this one is simple, but you could set up an entire table designed around this theme (think rustic burlap, apple baskets). Some sweet popcorn bags + plain popcorn + sweet toppings + salty toppings of different flavors in shakers with labels = some serious fun for the kiddos.

This Rustic Popcorn bar by Pen & Paper Flowers is one of our favorites.

Things we would add:

A Smore Bar - Nothing says summer and backyard to us more then smores.

A fire/fire pit - A must at a backyard bash...don't forget the roasted weenies! :)

This smore bar by More Minutes is super sweet:

Can you wait for summer?! I know we can't!


Jessica Kirkland said...

Love this post. Thanks for including the Rustic Popcorn Bar I created. I'm flattered!

Catherine Joy said...

Thank you. You are most welcome. :) We love your take on the popcorn bar. :)

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