{Party Packages} New Peter Rabbit Collection

Once upon a time there were four little rabbits....most of us know these words off by heart form our early childhood. I loved this story as a child and grew very fond of rabbits...back then I was lucky to have pet rabbits of my own. To this day I still adore bunnies and have two we fondly call Bella bunny and the ever charming Wellington. :) An often misunderstood animal...they are loveable and much like a pet dog...well at least my two are. :) Over the past few weeks we have had many requests for this adorable classic. It is the perfect theme for a 1st, 2nd birthday, gender reveal or baby shower. Welcome to our new Peter Rabbit Collection. This set will be available in pale blue and pale coral and will include 5X7 invitations, party circles, cupcake wrappers, banners and drink flags. Coming to the shop soon!


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