{DIY} Easter Surprise Eggs + Tutorial

Move over Kinder eggs.....there's a new surprise egg in town! These are adorable to make for the kiddies, they will love them...best part...no wasted money for "just a toy" and a thrown away chocolate shell! Because we all know that is what most kiddies do with kinder. :) You can fill these up with your own fun treats and toys...brilliant.

insert custom tags or even fortune tellers inside!

Fill them up with tiny treats or a combo of treats and toys.

either option cupcake liner or sticker works...but I love the stickers...you can do custom ones.

Ready for giving. 


1. Start off blowing, cleaning, and dying your eggs in typical easter fashion.
2. Make sure that all eggs have fully dried.
3. Seal the eggs using craft glue (or glue gun works). Affix clipped cupcake liners (these would look super with custom cupcake liners or printed finds at your local craft store. I really love the idea of making your own custom stickers to cover the openings.
4. Tuck in a little printed "message". you can glue them in on one side if you prefer.
5. And now one can open the egg by either cracking it, or just tearing off the paper base. Cracking it is way more fun though!!
6. These would also be fun for adults. Keep to a simple 2 to 3 colors only. The fortune tellers work well inside and some pretty foil chocolate eggs and treats etc.

not martha.


Sweet Tea with Cindy said...

Fantastic ideas! Love 'em all! :)

Yummy Mummy said...

Great Blog! Im loving the eggs~ Very inspiring <3

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