{Cake Love} Mini wedding cakes + DIY

In love with mini cakes! Great for weddings, and for any soiree! These would look adorable with pink rosettes on a little girls dessert table. This is a very simple and fun project that requires few materials.  Use a plain white cake as a canvas for decorations such as these hand-crafted “blooming rosettes.”  Bake up tiny french cakes and place citrus hued paper flowers atop for extra appeal.  Add ornaments to the cakes by wrapping each in a bold orange ribbon. Adorable...almost to cute to eat.

1. Scissors
2. Card stock (a variety of shades is nice)
3. A Pencil
4. Ribbon (for added décor)

1. Lightly trace a spiral pattern on a 5″x5″ piece of card stock
2. Cut out the spiral along its lines

3. Simply roll the spiral from the outside until it forms a rosette and pull away the edges to make the rosette “bloom”
4. Cut out leaves for the rosette using green card stock

Thanks to Hilton Pittman Photography.


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