My Top 6 Paint Colors for Homestaging

I'm always asked..."what are your go-to paint colors"? Being a Realtor with a background in design and the paint industry...its a hard question. Given the fact that each space is so very different; lighting, flooring, furniture, all play a big part in deciding which colors will work best for each space.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners assuming a buyer will share the same love for their personal color and decorating tastes. When it comes to staging properties you have to ask yourself what is the potential buyers market and color trends? Will these colors give buyers the best view of your space with regards to size, shape and mood? Using neutral colors will give your buyer the opportunity to picture their own furnishings in the space without being influenced heavily by your tastes.

I tend to gravitate towards Benjamin Moore due to it being a part of my interior decorating well as Sherwin Williams who I love from working for them. Both paints I have personally used for years and trust the quality and color .

My top 6 favorite neutral go-to paint colors for home resale. All sophisticated and versatile options with endless possibilities when playing up other colors.

*note: digital images may be different compared to in store chips. It's always best to bring paints chips into the room you are painting as lighting determines your end color result.*

silver fox - Ben Moore

Halo - Ben Moore - Rooms for rent

Eternity - Ben Moore
analytical gray - Sherwin - AKA
Repose gray - Sherwin - on Cabinets
Agreeable Gray - Sherwin 


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