{Real Estate} 6 Reasons Fall is a great time to sell your home

While Pumpkin Spice Lattes, warm sweaters and fall leaves are signalling cooler weather, it can also mean the right time for another change - Putting your home on the market.
Yes, fall is a buyer’s market, with many eager, prospective homeowners looking to get settled in before the arrival of the holidays. Here are six reasons why Fall is surprisingly one of the best times to make your move!

1.     Less Competition to Sell

The common thinking is to get your house listed while the market is buzzing and spring has arrived. This logic certainly has its strong points, but the reverse can also be beneficial. If you list your home in September or October, you have less competition for buyer attention. This means you’re less likely compromise on your listing price.

2.     Serious Buyers

Because the market is so saturated in the spring and summer, it’s easy for tire kicker buyers to sneak into your Open Houses and waste your (or your Realtor’s) time. These people like the idea of moving and browsing, but have no real intent to make it happen in the near future. In the fall, those kinds of buyers disappear. The people eyeing your property in September/October are serious about the prospect of moving in!

3.     Existing Market is More Flexible

Fall is the perfect time to enter the real estate market because while you’re coming in, confident that selling in the “off season” will work for you, everyone still left on the market from summer is desperate for a sale. Since selling a house usually means you’re looking for another, you’ll find the existing market is much more flexible in negotiations. If you find a bargain on your new fall home, you’ll be more empowered to make strategic decisions in the selling process of your former house.

4.     Prime Time for Curb Appeal

Changing leaves add natural curb appeal to make your house look cozy and comfortable in time for winter. Curb appeal is hugely important in selling price. This time of year most people are already decorated for fall and sipping on apple cider.  In a few months, you won’t have this factor on your side due to snow and barren trees.

5.     One on one from your Realtor

Regardless of the time of year you sell your home, the true key to success will be the marketing strategy by your real estate agent. By listing with an agent during his slower season, he is able to give you more attention. He can pour his entire budget into your goals. Your home will host more Open Houses and Broker Previews than it would any other time of the year! It is imperative to select a real estate agent who is going to price your home at market and is going to market it right. Fall is not a time to test the market with price. If your serious about selling...now is the time to price right.

6.     Record Low Interest rates

Record low interest rates and low prices have created an opportunity like never before. 
With these reasons to sell your home this fall, now is the time for you to list your house if you want to maximize your profit and minimize the time you sit on the market. Get settled into your new home in time for the holidays!


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