{Travel Deals} Hotwire Yay or Nay?

We travel so much throughout the year...and even being an airline family...we scour the Internet for the best possible deals. Sometimes travel sites  have even better deals as opposed to the discounts we can obtain. With that said...I can safely say since Hotwire was introduced...it is definitely our favorite and go to site for deals!  Sure we still check out hotels.com and expedia.com...but always find ourselves back at Hotwire. YAY Hotwire!

The prices on Hotwire are usually amazing...and most times at 60+ percent off of the normal price found on the big brand websites.

The catch? There is no refund once booked....and.....Like a box of chocolates...you never know what you are going to get?! Or do you?

With the introduction of  betterbidding.com...and a combination of google.com search...you can make a fairly good educated guess. All you need is the area you want and the amount of stars. Armed with this information...you can google search to bring up endless links "wins" for specific hotels in specific areas. Countless people spend time posting on forums like betterbidding.com with their hotel wins from hotwire. There you can also find posted lists of specific area wins...like this one for example: Florida hotel List

As soon as I know we are headed somewhere (like right now...it is Europe), I spend hours researching locations and hotel deals until I find the best possible deal. Why do I do this? I love the hunt...I love trying to figure out what the hotel will be...clicking purchase and seeing the hotel win....it is a rush! Much like the rush you feel when you pop a dollar in a Vegas Slot machine (which I have only done on three accounts with a total of 3 dollars. lol),  I love a good deal and I feel why pay 100 percent when you can get something at 60 percent off?! Also, being in the airline industry makes you cheap... lol...and you can't imagine paying full price. Now, I am sure some people could not be bothered with searching for a deal and feel they have no time. Which is fine...not everyone can be bothered with wasting time on deal hunting. Some people just call up their travel agent and say..."get me out of here"...and pay anything. We have done this in the past...guilty as charged....but...most times...I always find time to get a deal. Why not save your money?!

We always set the stars at 4-5 when searching...we normally will not take a 3-3.5 star. From experience with hotwire...you book 4+. Stars are not created equally and can change. It depends on the destination as well. The only exceptions to this rule we find...are places like NYC around Broadway (Times square) and areas. I find the hotels in NYC to be closer to actual star ratings...the way they should be. A 3.5 star NYC is like a 4.5 star in Orlando, FL. A 5 star in Cuba is nothing like a 5 star in NYC. When you are booking 5 star Manhattan...you know you are getting a superior hotel. Prices you find will differ. It depends on the time you go as well...you will not get the same deal around March break as you would in September (which is a great time to travel for deals!).

We have scored amazing deals off the rack rate. Crown plaza time square hotel, 4 -5 star Vegas Hotels, The Gaylord palms in Orlando, The Waldorf Astoria and the Hilton Bonnet creek sister hotel just to name a few....so many deals in so many places over the years. We have used this service so much...I do not remember all of the places and deals...but I do remember the great deals...one of our favorites is VEGAS!

I have decided to post my findings here in the future for those HOTWIRE lovers...or...those looking to save money on a vacation. You do not have to break the bank to travel!

For those wondering....YES...MGM grand Hotwire win "above image"...2010 casual trip (with my folks and the little fam...10 year anni and nascar race!)... 80 dollars a night Hotwire WIN (booked prime time around March break with a VERY popular nascar race)...Las Vegas strip south end (search terms). CHING! LOL! We even got upgraded to the Marquis suite for free with strip view! VIVA LAS VEGAS!


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