A New Year....of chasing dreams!

While I reflect on 2012...it was an amazing year! I was really tempted to do a year in review with images...but I knew it would never fit in one post. Everything I set out to do for 2012...I did...and I exceeded my wildest goals and dreams and then some.

I am beyond thrilled with all that has happened in a year...from new friends made to amazing collaborations with people I admire all over the world. New clients from one end of the planet to the other...all walks of life...from large corporate giants in so many industries including the soda business, oranges, television, Hollywood clients, magazines and computers to the Mom planning her first birthday for her child...from International government and former people in office to their high profile functions to some of my favorite people in the sweets and party industry...and I have to point out...Edible Details...I worked with Brittany on her first party for her little girl...I adore Brittany. She does all of our fondant work...and she is amazing and so talented (you will see all of her wonderful creations she did for us this year)! Beyond thrilled for each and every one of my amazing clients....celebrating along with all of you has been a pleasure. :) I truly love what I do to the moon and back.

 It has been a busy year for events for us...some events we were able to share...while some... we were so busy...we were not able to get them on the blog. Many are on the blog...and you probably saw our work on Amy Atlas, Hostess with the Mostess ( with Jami's on sweet street), Emmy award winning She knows, Babycenter.com, Birds party magazine Fall issue (with Jennifer of double the fun parties - super fun Junie B Jones.) and many more...and even I forget! It has just been a whirlwind...where I have to pinch myself with many emails I get...and say "You want me to create something for who?!! Are you for real?!

In the life and times of the Joy family...we had some interesting times! From quitting my full time job to pursue my passion and growing this business to the children loosing many teeth and affording to pay the tooth fairy salary (LOL) to Mr. Joy taking a new and exciting position..the children making a leap from private school to public (It was time). What a roller coaster year! We travelled from one side of the country to the other...from The east to the west. California, Vegas, Washington, Phili, Penn state, New York, Florida and the East Coast of Newfoundland. We had a super busy year and spent many months travelling by plane. It was amazing to have so much family time together. Perhaps if ever I get time..I will share more of our travels via the blog. We have many more adventures planned for 2013 and are hoping to get back to Europe this year. :) My children have a small obsession like their mom for the arts and Leonardo Da Vinci!

We have some lovely parties from 2012 to share in the new year...along with a gorgeous collaboration with Bella Cupcakes. We did two collaborations with Vanessa Iti...she is a dream to work with. :) I can't wait to see what she has in store. Once this work is revealed we are launching our Illustrated shop by My very own name. Our new shop is in addition to Serendipity Soiree. Catherine Jane - illustrating life's little Joys...will be my illustrated work all in one place. You will find illustrated invitations, coordinates and fine children's wall prints. Eventually you will find boutique items and gift ware as well. There will be no printables in this new shop. Everything will be printed and shipped to your door. We are beyond excited! It has been YEARS in the making!

With all of the wonderful happening in our life...we also watched so much sadness in the world. Children being taken away from their families due to illness and tragedy in ways that are almost impossible to comprehend. With this sadness...we found the world coming together to show compassion and renewed faith in the human spirit. I witnessed this first hand in some people we know via the Internet with brilliant ideas and I was beyond honored to help out and honored to know them. These events make us sit and appreciate how short life really is...one decision by one person can change our lives forever in the most horrible of ways...and also in the most wonderful ways. This year if there is anything I am dreaming of doing first and foremost...it is being more present in my children's lives...they are only little once, continuing to pay things forward...random acts of kindness, and I plan on sharing my passion and voice as much as I can. :) I have many Big dreams...but everything comes in baby steps...we are not machines...we can only do what we can with what we have at this moment. :)

 I leave you with this subway art poster...I adore what it says...and I hope you find some inspiration from it! Wishing you all peace and Love and the best year yet. The best is yet to come!


The best is yet to come word art via citified.blogspot.com via Pinterest


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